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Vision, Mission, & Values


The Syracuse University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center seeks to be a campus and regional leader delivering support, community, and education around marginalized genders and sexualities, and the complex intersections of our multiple identities.

We intentionally use a variety of language and terminology to refer to our growing and dynamic community. At times we use “marginalized genders and sexualities,” “LGBT,” “LGBTQA+,” and “queer & trans” to describe the communities that we serve. While this intentional variation may initially seem cumbersome or confusing, we use multiple terms in hopes that community members may see themselves in and/or identify with our language, helping them to see our Center and our programming as safer spaces where they can proudly be themselves. This effort to acknowledge the diversity of LGBTQA+ experiences is theoretically aligned with our social justice values and framework and is one of the many ways that we are actively striving to build a more inclusive Syracuse community.


The Syracuse University LGBT Resource Center provides community building, outreach and visibility, and intellectual and leadership development that centers the experience of people with marginalized sexualities and genders. We invite faculty, staff and students and off- campus community members to join us as we seek to understand the ways that privilege and oppression manifest in our society, commit to ending oppression in our communities, and to actively engage in struggles to achieve liberation.


Community Building We partner with individuals and groups on campus and off in order to foster a sense of ownership and belonging among LGBTQA+ communities. In addition, we work formally and informally with faculty and staff to boost social/professional networking. 

Intellectual and leadership development LGBTQA+ communities and identities contribute to in a variety of ways to the co-curricular life of campus. As a learning organization that aims to create an anti-oppressive environment, the LGBT RC embraces critique and commits to balancing self-care with educating ourselves and others.

Outreach and visibility We believe LGBTQA+ communities and identities are embedded in many other campus communities and constituencies. Consistent and diverse visibility and outreach is crucial to assess the needs of our community and ensure full and equal access to our services, resources and programs

Statement of Allyship

Allyship is a process built through relationships; it requires commitment, understanding, hope, and humility. We believe allyship also requires a dedication to continuous self-awareness and self-exploration. Recognizing and understanding the pervasiveness of privilege and oppression, both across and within identity groups, is integral to ally development. Allies are accountable for the influence and impact of their actions across society. Ultimately, allies will join in efforts to achieve liberation.