Presentations and Trainings

The LGBT Resource Center offers the following presentations and trainings:

"Basics" Presentation

Basics is an hour long session where we will provide a general overview of the LGBT Resource Center, our programs and services, and a short overview of the identities we serve. Additionally, we will facilitate a discussion about gender and sexuality, and key terms/points to be aware of as it relates to LGBTQ communities; by no means is this session comprehensive, thus we will not offer Safer People, Safer Spaces stickers to those who attend.

"Safer People, Safer Spaces" Training

Safer People, Safer Spaces is a 3 hour training that is as close to comprehensive as we can provide in that time. Safer People, Safer Spaces will incorporate many different activities and provide participants with a variety of ways to engage and develop their sense of allyship with a mixture of content and context based outcomes. Due to the intensive structure of this training, it is limited to a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 30 participants in each session. Safer People, Safer Spaces stickers will be provided at the end of this training.

SPSS Sticker

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