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Student Organizations

Pride Union is dedicated to the support and enrichment of the lives of LGBTQA+ individuals on the Syracuse University and SUNY ESF campuses. We provide a safe space for students who attend meetings and events, advocate for the interests of the LGBTQA+ community, and dispel myths and stereotypes about our identities. We strive to make it possible for all students, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, to contribute equally to the campus life. We embrace the diversity of the LGBTQA+ community and the SU and SUNY ESF communities as a whole. For more information, email

Open Doors is a group for LGBTQIA+ graduate students and friends at Syracuse University. The mission of this organization is to create a sense of bonding within the graduate student community, share common experiences, and help each other navigate through life instances while in school. Hopefully, participants will build some strong, long-lasting friendships in the process. Please email the LGBT Resource Center at if you're interested in Open Doors, and we can connect you to them.  

The OutCrowd is Syracuse University's only student-run LGBTQA+ publication. The OutCrowd's focus is to provide advocates of the queer community a platform to express their otherwise overlooked opinions and perspectives. With this focus in mind, The OutCrowd is determined to present progressive content through a queer lens by challenging what is often deemed "socially acceptable." For more information, please email

Qolor Collective is dedicated to supporting Asian, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and multiracial students who also identify as Trans, Bisexual, Lesbian, or Gay. This is an organization for students of color at Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF with marginalized genders and sexualities to find comfort, empowerment, and support academically, politically, and socially.