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Pronoun Competency Workshop

Syracuse University MySlice portal now includes pronoun options! We encourage all students, staff and faculty to select and share their pronouns in the portal. Pronouns can be used in various systems and software at Syracuse University. Although not all systems can accommodate pronouns currently, we are working hard to identify where stakeholders wish to make them available. Please submit a request form for pronoun adoption in your office's computer systems!

The request form is accessible by following the link  to the PGPNAC Answers page (log-in required).

We offer educational in-person Pronoun Competency Workshops. This 1.5-2 hour session provides an overview of the Syracuse University MySlice service and a primer on the role of pronouns and preferred names as a part of LGBTQ inclusion and cultural sensitivity. Workshop outcomes are:

  • Review history of Preferred Name & Pronoun service
  • Consider the function and role of gender in our lives
  • Learn how to select pronouns in Myslice
  • Practice using gender pronouns in common situations
  • Increase the number of database and computer systems that incorporate pronouns
This is made possible by the  Pronoun, Gender, Preferred Name Advisory Council (PGPNAC). 
Additional ways students, faculty and staff can expand their knowledge by accessing the  "Frequently Asked Questions" Answers  page offered through the PGPNAC or attendance of a Safe Zone training offered through the LGBT Resource Center.